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Discovering America’s Finest Mezcal Bars: A Journey of Unique Flavors and Authentic Experiences

As the popularity of mezcal continues to rise, America has seen a surge in dedicated mezcal bars, each offering a distinct experience. This blog takes you on a tour of the best mezcal bars in the United States, places where both aficionados and new enthusiasts can explore the rich flavors of this unique spirit.

La Contenta, New York, NY

Nestled in New York, La Contenta is not just a bar but a cultural experience. With two locations, this mezcaleria offers a perfect blend of agave spirits and Guadalajaran cuisine, making for an unforgettable night out​​.

Clavel Mezcaleria, Baltimore, MD

Clavel Mezcaleria in Baltimore is a haven for mezcal lovers, boasting over 50 different types curated by the owner himself. The combination of expertly crafted cocktails and perfectly matched meals makes this bar a must-visit​​.

Todos Santos, Chicago, IL

Todos Santos in Chicago, part of the restaurant Quiote, presents a wide selection of mezcal. They also offer special tastings and cocktail masterclasses, ideal for those wanting to deepen their understanding of mezcal​​.

Mezcalito, San Francisco, CA

In San Francisco, Mezcalito sets the tone with its mezcal altar, offering over 100 bottles. They also have a unique bottle locker program for regulars, making it a favorite local mezcal spot​​.

Little Oaxaca, Brooklyn, NY

Little Oaxaca, located in Brooklyn, offers a unique collection of artisanal mezcals. Their selection includes exclusive imports like La Clandestina 40 and Enmascarado 54, making it a treasure trove for mezcal enthusiasts​​.

La Doña Mezcaleria, Denver, CO

Denver’s La Doña Mezcaleria offers an immersive experience with a patio for sunny days and a cozy interior for colder weather. The bar features a curated selection of mezcals and is known for its welcoming atmosphere​​.

Mama Rabbit, Las Vegas, NV

In Las Vegas, Mama Rabbit boasts the largest selection of tequilas and mezcals in the city. Located in Park MGM, it offers a vibrant space with live entertainment, making it a top destination for mezcal lovers​​.

Las Perlas, Los Angeles, CA

Las Perlas in Los Angeles is an institution for mezcal fans. With over 400 agave spirits, this bar captures the essence of Oaxacan cantinas and offers a truly authentic mezcal experience​​.


From New York to Los Angeles, these mezcal bars offer an authentic taste of Mexico’s beloved spirit. Each bar provides a unique ambiance and an impressive selection of mezcals, ensuring a memorable experience for every visitor.