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Experience the Flavors of Puerto Rico: Best Puerto Rican Restaurants Across the United States

Embark on a culinary journey across the United States to discover the best Puerto Rican restaurants. From New York’s vibrant communities to the heart of the West Coast, these restaurants bring the authentic taste and culture of Puerto Rico closer to you.

Casa Adela – New York, NY

Casa Adela, endorsed by celebrities like Fat Joe and Rosario Dawson, is a staple in New York City’s Puerto Rican food scene. Founded in 1976, this Alphabet City gem offers classic dishes like tostones, mofongo, and chicharrón de pollo​​.

La Fonda Boricua – New York, NY

Located in East Harlem, La Fonda Boricua stands out for its authentic Puerto Rican cuisine and vibrant ambiance. Their tail-on shrimp mofongo and chuleta kan kan are must-tries. The restaurant also features live Latin jazz bands and flamenco dancers​​.

Cuchifritos – New York, NY

Cuchifritos, an East Harlem institution, caters to those seeking traditional Puerto Rican dishes. The restaurant’s namesake plate, featuring pig ear, pork tongue, and blood sausage, is a testament to its authenticity​​.

Sofrito – New York, NY

Sofrito, located in Washington Heights, combines the energy of a nightclub with delicious Puerto Rican fare. The restaurant is ideal for special occasions, offering dishes like alcapurrias, empanadas, pernil, and churrasco​​.

Lechonera La Isla – New York, NY

Lechonera La Isla, a small counter-service spot in East Harlem, offers straightforward Puerto Rican classics. Their roast chicken and lechón with crackly skin are local favorites​​.

The Freakin Rican – Astoria, NY

Originally a food truck, The Freakin Rican now serves some of the city’s best pasteles in its casual Astoria location. Their homemade sofrito is also available for purchase​​.

La Isla Cuchifritos – Brooklyn, NY

For fried pork, ears, tongue, and sweet plantain, head to La Isla Cuchifritos in Williamsburg. This restaurant, located under the elevated M train’s Flushing station, has been a local favorite since 1960​​.

Kiosko 787 – Gowanus, NY

Kiosko 787 in Gowanus serves crispy empanadillas, arroz mamposteao, and rellenos de papa stuffed with picadillo. Inspired by the street food kiosks of Piñones and Luquillo Beach, they also offer a variety of sandwiches​​.


These Puerto Rican restaurants provide a delightful and authentic culinary experience. Whether you’re craving traditional dishes or looking to explore the rich flavors of Puerto Rico, these establishments promise an unforgettable dining experience.