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Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Myrtle Beach

If you are desirous of a dining experience that is the epitome of genuine Southern authenticity, look no further than Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Myrtle Beach. This lively coastal town hosts a homely restaurant with a cozy and warm environment typical of the South, with a taste of Paula Deen’s celebrated home-style cooking.

Warm Southern hospitality greets you when you step inside Paula Deen’s Myrtle Beach location, making you feel right at home. The décor is filled with charm and warm invitation, perfectly setting the meal’s atmosphere. Every minor detail—from the staff to everything else that goes with the dining experience—features attention and friendliness, which makes it convenient and easy on the eyes.


    Menu Options and Family-Style Dining

    Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen has a unique dining experience for you and your family with three broad categories: The Albany, The Savannah, and The Georgia. If you dine out as a big company or just a couple, there will be an ideal one for you. The Albany is perfect for those in smaller groups and includes two entrees and four sides. The Savannah contains three entrees and four sides, while Georgia has four entrees and four sides. All come with unlimited refills, meaning you will be happy and full.

    Signature Dishes at Paula Deen’s Myrtle Beach

    Paula Deen’s Myrtle Beach is filled with signature Southern dishes. Highlights include the fluffy perfection of garlic cheddar biscuits and an utterly ooey gooey butter cake—a fantastic finale. The main dishes are pot roast, fried chicken, and BBQ ribs—cooked to perfection, bursting with flavor. Other good sides include: mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, and green beans. These round out the entrée, making it genuine Southern comfort food.

    Visitor Reviews and Personal Experiences

    Visitors to Paula Deen’s Myrtle Beach can’t seem to say enough good things. One patron remarked, “Eating at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Myrtle Beach was a memorable experience we will not soon forget. From the time we walked in, we were met with cordial Southern hospitality. The menu had classic Southern dishes, each cooked to perfection.” Another reviewer commented, “I liked the overall experience. You can choose between three choices of family-style options. The biscuits were just to die for, and, oh my gosh, you need to save room for your meal. The atmosphere, food, and service were all worth the price. I would go again.”

    Unique Atmosphere and Gift Shop

    The atmosphere at Paula Deen’s Myrtle Beach is cozy and homey, making it the perfect place to relax with family and friends over a deliciously slow meal. The restaurant is decorated with some Southern charm, and hence, it exudes warm colors and comfortable seating inside. There is an onsite gift shop with many items bearing Paula Deen’s name and other souvenirs where one could peek while waiting for the table or before or after the meal.

    Why You Must Visit Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Myrtle Beach

    Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Myrtle Beach provides you with a great experience by offering Southern-inspired foods, engaging hospitality, and an atmosphere of warmth with charm. Whether you are local or coming into Myrtle Beach, this is the spot if you want to have some good Southern fare in a warm and open setting. The surest way not to leave with sweet memories and a whole heart is at Paula Deen’s Myrtle Beach location, which offers varied menu options and genial service.

    Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen

    Paula Deen's Family Kitchen

    Address Address: 1202 Celebrity Cir, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

    Hours Hours: Monday – Sunday: 11 AM–10 PM

    Phone Phone: +1 843-945-1072

    Rating Rating: 4.1 (8650 reviews)

    Website Website:

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